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Batting Cages

The Putterz batting cages offer fun for all skill levels. Batting cages may be closed during inclement weather.

Besides traditional hard ball, our batting cages include slow pitch soft ball at a variety of pitching speeds. We have four dual (hard ball and soft ball) cages ready for the next Miguel Cabrera. Please call ahead for team reservations. Reservations for hourly or 1/2 hour rentals must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

18 Pitches per Token

1 Token: $3.00
2 Tokens: $5.00
8 Tokens: $15.00
15 Tokens: $25.00
20 Tokens: $30.00
1/2 Hour:
(up to 4 ppl)
1 Hour:
(up to 4 ppl)

Children must be at least
8 years old to enter
the batting cages